Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is my second attempt

The first time I tried to create a blog, it quickly turned into a litany of my personal exploits and failed endeavors.

It was a sad list of one night stands, stoned night rants and mistunderstandings.

So, at the risk of committing myself to any high expectations, expect great things from me, for I am the SQUIRREL OF TRUTH!

Not a single lie will roll off my perfectly formed incisors. I will dig up the lies and plant my own acorns of truth that will grow into the mighty oak of history. I will scurry accross the roof of deception and steal from the birdhouses of bad journalism! I will attack the fat housecats of the complacent and get chased by the dogs of...

I'm sorry, I just can't take that metaphor any further right now. This is only the first entry, an introduction to what I intend to write about. It's not a manifesto.

I intend to blog about my life as a skeptic. I will blog about my experiences as a skeptic and in exploring critical thinking and science. And I will review things. Mostly products about which I happen to become curious (frozen dinners, hair products, electronics etc.).

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